Gary Vaynerchuk Motivation By Luigi Estuye By SOUND CRUSADE

Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says there are two big secrets to staying motivated in business: being selfish, and knowing that you're going to die. The challenge is that most salespeople think of what they do as a J..B. Gary apparently thinks and sees the future as an entrepreneur. Gary and his brother AJ launched Vaynermedia in the Spring of 2009. In the world of content marketing, you have two options at hand: you can either go big or go home with an empty wallet.

First, helping people is never ever a bad thing. Ted Rubin -While much of the advice offered by social media speakers involves good ideas that haven't always been tested, Ted Rubin has solid practical experience. You might think you're working hard now, but you're not working as hard as Gary.

Listening to this audio gives me goosebumps every time. Now he runs Vayner Media, VaynerRSE, is a keynote speaker, and is also the author of multiple books. Don't forget to share them with all your Gary V fans on social media. If you have time and you want to grow your business, give them massive value for free.

Gary goes on about how much it's in his DNA, of course it is because your parents instilled making money into you from a young age, all these successful businessmen who say "i wanted to do nothing but sell, I started selling online at age 10" kid ever will be money minded unless they are taught to be...

Leaders need these three things to make people's work meaning full. Gary promotes engagement through The #AskGaryVee Show on YouTube, believe where he answers questions about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship directed at him on his blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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